By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) –
My great passion is reading! I probably read a hundred books in 2015, but sometimes not all are excellent… I also read sometimes works published several years ago.
From this year reading, I retain three books that I would call my “FAVORITES 2015”.
1. The best book, in my opinion, the work of William Boyd “SWEET CARESS or in French”LES VIES MULTIPLES D’AMORY CLAY.” A fictional story about a great photographer who lived from 1908 to 1983. A magnificent book which will appeal to all from photographers to simple romantic people who love stories about life and in this case of a career woman, independent and free.
2. My second best book is the work of Catherine Lafrance “JUSQU’À LA CHUTE”. A story about life, resilience and fate in which book the three main fiction characters join the real news of 2015. A cyclist who witnesses of fatal bicycle accident; a homeless person of Indian origin;. and a mother whose son died tragically on the day of his 20 years. According to me, Catherine Lafrance is an author of great talent and his only fault is not be a star. But his talent is equal to the greatest writers in Quebec.
3. My third favorite is a book published in 1987 but which is still completely in today interest: THE ART OF THE DEAL by Donald Trump. We must not believe that Trump invented himself for the actual race for the American presidency. All his life strategy is described in the book he had published in 1987. We could change the title of the book and call it: THE ART OF WINNING. Those are my three best literary choice for 2015.
Happy New Year 2016 … and read on!
Photo 1: William Boyd AMORY CLAY;
Photo 2: Catherine Lafrance JUSQU’À LA CHUTE;
Photo 3: Donald Trump THE ART OF THE DEAL;


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