Best Wishes for 2010 –

December 26, 2009 wish everyone a Happy New Year 2010. May the next year be a year of peace and happiness.
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Predictions 2010 –

December 26, 2009

The future is unpredictable but one thing is certain: change and the unexpected are part of life. What will the next year be?
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Best wishes – Merry Christmas to all

December 13, 2009 and his team want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and lots of love!This time of year is sometimes very pleasant to some but many suffer deep loneliness while the family spirit is at its peak. Let’s be generous and above all, remember that nothing is ever eternal. Fate sometimes transform lives for the better or for worse.
Only love and friendship are truly eternal riches!

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Barack Obama and his wars…

December 13, 2009

The decision by Barack Obama to send 30 000 troops to Afghanistan is logic and it is clear that the United States must minimize the sources of terrorism that threaten the security of their country. To get there, as the president said, he must eliminate the enemy at the source.
But we must also ask: Is it possible to defeat terrorism by military force?
The United States is like the Rome of Julius Caesar and the power of the U.S. army is comparable to the one of the Roman army and its soldiers. It must be noted that Rome has lost the war and often the efforts of one individual are more percussive than a whole army.
This situation is not true only in war but in all areas of life. We questioned one days Bill Gates on his worst fears and he replied that it was not Apple, Google or Facebook but the single individual alone in his garage who will invent a new gadget that would become the new dominance of the world. The story of David against Goliath also demonstrated beyond any doubt that the efforts of giants can be defeated by those of a small solitary warrior.
For this reason there is no assurance that the actions of President Barack Obama will reach their target no more than George W. Bush had managed to achieve success. The terrorist is a sort of Don Quixote, who believes that the mills wind are dragons. It may be totally crazy, but his solo efforts destroyed all the mills in his way. It is like the small group of 16 people who have destroyed the World Trade Center in 2001.
How to fight terrorism? By individual actions. We must rethink the whole strategy of war and especially to ensure that each individual in our society is really concerned with peace. We must encourage respect for our organized society and our organized way of life. Currently, with all the crimes and all the disappointments of our models and leaders, from Bernard Madoff to Tiger Wood, the society is completely disillusioned and we no longer trust anyone. We respects no value and each individual is somehow an enemy of his own country. We must bring back the values of society and solidarity. If we do not do that, we will be at war for much longer, even for the next 2000 years, and there is no doubt that Don Quixote will win these wars …
Bernard Bujold www.LeStudio1com
Photo 1: Barack Obama at West Point;
Photo 2: Julius Caesar;
Photo 3: Don Quixote

Tiger Woods and his woman…

December 13, 2009

Several men, including myself, would give their souls to occupy the place of Tiger Woods and have the life he had before the accident with his Cadillac …
A beautiful and intelligent wife as Elin Nordegren, two beautiful children and a personal fortune estimated at one billion dollars. This is not counting a career he loved and dominated as one of the best in the world.
Why after being so lucky in life, an individual risk everything in sexual adventures? We cannot say that Woods is a “gambler” in the sense that he loves poker and the risk for risk. If he cheated on his wife it is because he is searching for something that he do not find with Elin. What was he looking for?
The story of Tiger Woods is very similar to the one of another great champion, that of Andre Agassi. Both athletes have been created by a dominating father. Without their father, those two children would never have become the champion they became. However in the case of Andre, he broke from the dependency of his father and he realized that his life belonged to him. He was then very fortunate to meet Steffi Graff, who had lived much the same situation with his own father.
Tiger Woods lives in mourning for his father and it is clear that he search for himself on a personal level. In a sense, he is an orphan abandoned since the death of his father Earl in May 2006! This whole story is very sad because the world did not need to lose another model whose number becomes less and less. Unfortunately, whenever a legend is broken, it is also our trust in others which is diminishing.
The best thing for us would be to cease to believe in legends and appreciate people for who they are, nothing more. To believe that there are gods and superior beings is like believing in Santa Claus and everyone knows his story is pure legend …
Regarding Tiger Woods, hopefully he will understand that the chance in life is not a talent but a privilege, as understood Andre Agassi. One must know when to stop and enjoy his winnings or he will risk of losing everything by believing himself infallible.
Bernard Bujold 
Note: For the gallery, I would like to add that I have been in love with a lookalike of Elin. Unfortunatly, contrary to Tiger story, she is the one that did not want me! Her name was Sunni as in Sunny Days!
Photo 1: Tiger Wood and his family;
Photo 2: Elin Nordegren and Tiger Wood;
Photo 3: André Agassi and his family

André Agassi – The art of winning

December 13, 2009

The former tennis champion Andre Agassi is definitely a fighter and he has demonstrated it on numerous occasions on the tennis courts around the world. He just published his autobiography and if the media attention was first on his statement to have used soft drugs for a certain period during his career, the real attraction of the book lies in the life of Andre Agassi and in particular the description of his mind spirit over the obstacles of life.
I had the opportunity to see Agassi in person in Montreal during his many visits at the international tennis championships. My first championship (as a spectator) was in July 1995 when Agassi had long hair and he was going out with the actress Brooke Shields. Personally, I greatly admired his companion that I found very pretty …
I vividly remember the game in the 1995 final against Pete Sampras in the old Jarry Stadium. The temperature on the court was scorching and Sampras could not dominate Agassi who seemed to enjoy the heat and whose performance increased more the game progressed. Definitely the hot sun was his ally. Another memory was her black stockings, which contrasted with his white suit. I tried to convince my girlfriend of the time it was the new fashion:wearing shorts and black socks, but she was never convinced. To conclude on the game, Andre had won and that victory made Pierre Péladeau so angry (founder of Quebecor) that he left before the end of the game, calling Agassi a bum and Sampras a lazy …
After that day, I met Agassi every two years (as a journalist) and I photographed him on several occasions including some directly on the court in action. Agassi was always very polite and if he was tired, he still accepted to greet the journalists and meet them after games.
I also remember his defeat in 1999 in the semi final while nobody in Montreal did understand the reason for such weak Agassi in front of his opponent, Kafelnikov of Russia. In reading the autobiography we learn that he had just meet Steffi Graf and he was eager to join her at the U.S. Open in New York. He was madly in love …
In a sense, I have known Andre Agassi, as a photographer and Montreal tennis fan during fifteen years. So I was very pleased to receive a copy of his autobiography and I was eager to read as if it was the one of a friend (OPEN An Autobiography / Andre Agassi). I was charmed by the book and above all I recognized the Andre Agassi thatI admired for nearly 15 years. I recommend his book to anyone looking for inspiration of courage and hope in front of the obstacles of life. In summary, in tennis as in life, you have to play every minute in actual time. You have to want to win every ball and never think about the previous ball neither the next one. You should also be able to endure the pain and fatigue and still continue your efforts to win and above all, never give up the killer instinct!
Have a good reading and Bravo Andre!
Bernard Bujold
Picture 1 and 2: Andre Agassi
Picture 3: Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi

The art of party crashing…

December 13, 2009

The couple Michaele and Tareq Salahi has attracted media attention for having managed to enter an official reception held by the President Barack Obama. I was not surprised to learn that the White House had been the victim of “Party crashers” because for many, this way to attend events is a lifestyle. And I would add that many journalists practice this art with great skill …
Curiously, the authors of “party crashing” are often people very rich. Robert Maxwell was a great lover of this kind of technique and he loved to crash cocktails on yachts of his competitors… His favorite technique was to arrive few minutes before the captain weighed anchor and shout to wait whilejumping on board. In the hubbub nobody asked him if he was invited. Ironically, he died by being thrown overboard from his own yacht.
The journalists are probably the most daring “party crasher” that I know but if you ask them, they will tell you they do that for inside information. This is true in many cases, but if you ask Serge Losique, President of the Montreal World Films Festival , he would probably answer that many are mere freeloaders who want a free lunch …
Personally, I stopped being a “party crasher” many years ago. If not I am not invited, I am just stay at home and I rest in the comfort of my house. Note that there also reverse to the “party crashing” and those are the organizers who do not want to invite you but would like very much the journalists to talk about their event in the media. They send you news release and suggest that you to attend the red carpet to take pictures and then leave because they lack space to accommodate the press at the event itself. Again, I stopped running and I refuse any invitation to the red carpet unless I am also invited to the full event. Watch others eat and drink has never been my favorite sport …
That said, one might wonder what is motivating to attend a party to which we are not invited. In my opinion, attending a reception is a way to socialize with friends and not impose himself on people that we do not really know! We only live once, and I prefer to live in reality
and amongst real friends!
Bernard Bujold 
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Picture 1: Barack Obama and the Salahis
Picture 2: Robert Maxwell