The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown – The Power of the Human Mind

September 21, 2009

The new Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol is a perfect book in its composition as a literary thriller and each of the 133 chapters begins and ends with suspense. It is clear that it qualifies as an excellent “page turner”.
The story is not unique in itself but it is a fascinating read, which according to me, is as interesting as was the famous best-seller The Da Vinci Code. I am convinced that the publisher and the author will succeed in sales that already exceed the millions of copies. Note that to do better than The Da Vinci Code it will have to sell over 81 million copies …
But where the book is different and new is at the level of its scientific reflections on the power of the human mind. You can make a direct connection with the book The Secret. However, if the work of Rhonda Byrne was closer to the theories of “Positive Thinking” of Dale Carnegie, the one of Dan Brown is making his conclusions on scientific research. You can consult the website of the organization from whom Brown supported the theories of his novel: The Institute of Noetic Sciences, which is located in Northern California and which specializes in research on the power of the human brain. (See web link below)
The book by Dan Brown suggests the conclusion that the human mind is infinitely powerful, but that its possibilities are still largely unknown and unused by the general public. However, organizations like the Freemasons knew that power and they exchanged on the topic among members of the secret brotherhood. The same situation existed and still exists in religious organizations, like in Roman Catholic.
Dan Brown comes to define God as the human spirit in all of us. We are God and he exists in our mind. The author also describes the magic (real magic …) as a knowledge of science and its possibilities. To describe the unknown aspects of the human brain, Dan Brown has consulted with the Research Institute of Noetic. We can believe the theories he advances.
For this reason, the conclusion of his book is encouraging. According to the novel by Dan Brown, there is hope for the future of humanity because the human mind is in fact God and, therefore, that spirit will be responsible for the future of humanity.We are the master of our destiny!
Bernard Bujold – 
Lien site officiel Dan Brown
Lien vers Les Meilleurs 2009 –
Lien site The Institute of Noetic Sciences
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The courage of Barack Obama

September 14, 2009

The President of the United States Barack Obama is probably the most popular man around the world except in his own country …
In fact, Obama would receive up to 30 death threats daily and a American religious pastor from Arizona (white – married with five young children) has even publicly called from his pulpit faithful to pray with him so that Obama dies and goes to hell! (See newspaper article link below)
This unpopularity may be explained by the fact that if the President’s rating is almost unanimous in most countries, in the United States it is mathematically only 25%. Indeed, it must be remembered that in the last presidential election, Republicans and Democrats were nose to nose (50% -50%). If we count only in the Democratic Party, Obama was also face to face with Hillary Clinton. Result, it gives him only 25% support against 75% opposition.
Barack Obama is the most fascinating politician that we currently have on the planet. His leadership style reminds me of Commander Jean-Luc Picard of the Star Trek series.
In practical terms, when compared with U.S. adversaries, whether Hillary Clinton or John McCain, he emerges as the truest and most devoted to the betterment of his countrymen. Elsewhere in the world, no Head of state does its level of dedication either in Canada (all parties), in Quebec or even in France with Nicolas Sarkozy, who was nevertheless very promising during its election.
Barack Obama said he did not want to retreat, even to the risk of offending and making enemies. He defends its programs, including health care, and he is ready to assume the damage this will have on his political popularity. The question which arises: Does the Americans will support him or they will abandon in favor of more traditional politicians? Do not forget that the American people are very conservative and very far from the social democratic values advocated by Barack Obama.
You can make a connection between Obama and former President John F. Kennedy. Besides the friendship between Ted Kennedy and Barack was a sign of bending to the left of these three politicians. Americans mourned John F. Kennedy but it remains that he was murdered …
It is hoped that President Obama succeed in imposing his ideas for reform. It is also hoped that violence does not take the place of democracy. On this plan, fortunately, the U.S. security services are efficient and alert. (See book “In the President’s Secret Service”) supports the U.S. President and we offer him a mention of excellence in the gallery 
Bernard Bujold
Photo 1: Barack Obama in front of the Congress
Photo 2: Book cover on the security of the President
Photo 3: Commandant Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek

The newspapers in Montreal

September 6, 2009

The newspapers are in economic crisis all around the world and many are victims of changes that call into question their basic existence.
No newspaper is protected from the shock of Internet.This is in part the fault of publishers who were open to free information, entering the wolf into their fold, but they must now deal with the situation.
Historians believe that the evolution of media since the early 1900, was a perpetual transfer of expertise from a platform to another. So newspapers owners funded radio to increase their influence within the community. Later, owners of radio stations have funded television and they created the first television network. If there is an element to remember is that those who funded changes in the media until now were always those whose corporate mission was to exploit the communications industry. In a sense, the Internet is a normal byproduct of newspapers, radio and television.
Montrealers are currently experiencing upheaval as their two main newspapers are facing serious economic difficulties. In one case, the Journal de Montreal, the owner Quebecor is a specialist in communications and it dominates the market with its Internet transport Vidéotron subsidiary. Le Journal de Montreal was the basis for the establishment of the empire but it acted as a catalyst and it is no longer the raison d’être of the company Quebecor. If Le Journal de Montreal was the rationale for the work of Pierre Péladeau, it is not the case anymore. The child has left the nest … Quebecor management must now manage a labor dispute (lockout) and according to me, it is clear that the final solution will be a merger of the Journal de Montreal with another subsidiary compatible to increase convergence and especially reduce operating costs. The free daily 24H is the best suited to welcome LeJournal de Montréal.
The situation at the other major Montreal newspaper La Presse, is a different reality . The company is a little empire in itself and the daily is also important and significant for Montreal as are the New York Times, The Globe and Mail or Le Monde (Paris) for their respective cities. Is this ensures his immortality? Any thing come to an end one day but I do not think the Press will cease its activities.
However, I am convinced that its owner, the Power Group Corporation wants to sell it to focus in companies joining best its corporate mission which is finance. To understand the thinking of Paul Desmarais Sr., and consequently that of Power Corporation, read the interview he had given the magazine Le Point in June 2008 (French). Everything is written there in black and white. Power Corporation do not want to operate enterprises but be in the management of high finance. (See the interview link below)
But to sell a business, it is better to be profitable and the current rationalization by management of La Presse is very much normal procedures before a sale…

The question remains: who will buy La Presse (Gesca)? Three possibilities:
1. Transcontinental Group is the current printer of The Press and operates as several consumer magazines. The convergence would be excellent.
2. The group Rogers Communications, which owns several magazines in Quebec in addition to being present on the Internet.
3. Finally there is also Quebecor … Pierre Péladeau had purchased the TV network TQS. After his death, his son Pierre Karl has done a hit by selling the small network to acquire Videotron who owned TVA, the leader inQuebec. It will not be surprising if he repeated the move and bya corporate deal if he was acquiring The Press to get rid at a discount priceof Le Journal de Montreal. The employees in locked out should even offer to buy it andthen, co-financed by the major trade union confederations, merge the acquisition with their creation, the site Rue Frontenac.
In conclusion, the future of newspapers is not compromise but nothing will ever the same. As the poet said: “Everything changes and nothing lasts …”
Bernard Bujold
Link Interwiew with Paul Desmarais – Le Point fr.
Pictures of Paul Desmarais –
Link to media web site in the world
Photo 1: Mademoiselle X in front of La Presse;
Photo 2: Paul Desmarais Sr. and his sons, Paul Jr. et André;
Photo 3: Bernard Bujold with Le Journal de Montréal in Paris (1991)

The Montreal Film Festival is a great success!

September 2, 2009

The founder of the Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal, Serge Losique, undoubtedly has a passion for cinema. A former university professor (Concordia University), he is also the author of several achievements in this field both as a filmmaker than as educator and cultural organizer with FFM for 33 years. It is also one of the founders of the INIS and it is he who implanted the first courses in cinema at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM).
Serge Losique do not want to think about to the quarrels surrounding the FFM and attempts to replace his event with another festival in 2005. He considers this kind of debate as normal in a democratic society. His thinking is based on an old proverb:”Friend, if you love me come to my home! “If not, well too bad … The Montreal public loves to come at FFM.
Serge Losique consider as his greatest achievement to have inspired among Montrealers the love for film and have established Montreal reputation in this field worldwide. Personally, I always considered Serge Losique to be a kind of passionate warrior possessing an ardent desire to win while he, sees himself as a simple catalyst for ideas.
There is no doubt that the founder of the FFM is a brave man and above all, very persistent over the obstacles. One can easily compare its path to the one of Claude Robinson. These two artists of great talent were attacked by the establishment who were trying to take over the work of their lives.
Quebec as a whole approves the Justice decision granting a compensation to Claude Robinson and all congratulated him for his tenacity in the face of the injustice from executives of Cinar. The story of Serge Losique is no different except that its opponents were more numerous and even the media condemned him… The battle of Losique was however very short. Two years and the verdict was rendered contrary to 14 years of struggle by Claude Robinson. Yet the opponents of Serge Losique were more and not less. We found there all government agencies that fund the festivals in Canada, most major cultural leaders of Montreal as Alain Simard, Daniel Langlois and even Gilbert Rozon. The objective was clear: send Serge Logic to retirement!
Since that Losique would not abandon its Festival, the rebels decided to create a new festival, the International Film Festival of Montreal 2005. Despite government funding totaling $ 2 million, the failure was pathetic!
Like tennis, the impossible happened. The old champion has resisted to the favorites. The young opponents played very badly and they committed errors in the beginning leading to the defeat. Given their immense resources, they should have normally crushed veteran Losique. The patriarch of the FFM reacted as would have an Andre Agassi before a young pretentious opponent. He played his game and waited until his opponent made the false movements. Competitors against Serge Losique had everything to win but they did not play the game for which they had the tools. Their main mistake was to believe that the public would abandon the FFM to embrace a new festival which did not happened.
I had the opportunity to talk with Serge Losique about his path and his vision of cinema. I offer a summary of this discussion on the site (French).

Bernard Bujold –

The new season is here –

September 2, 2009

For me the return of autumn has always been the opportunity to make some kind of cleaning household in my personal effects to fully start the new season and be better open to opportunities and discoveries.
But since I am living in a building with multiple dwellings, I must live at the same rhythm than my neighbors with whom I share more closely the everyday life than if I was living in a country house. For some, the annual cleaning is not seasonal and it takes place throughout the year.
So, each week I’m always surprised by the incredible amounts of objects that are found in bins or common areas of the building or lay on the bench near the elevator in the garage.
Sometimes furniture or electronics, books, and often clothes and new shoes that have never been worn by their owners. And since I do not live a low-cost housing, you imagine the “quality” of abandoned objects.
My latest discovery was 6 large cardboard boxes with inside hundreds of music CDs with cover. Not just any! Entire collection of original records by Charles Aznavour (reissued on CD), 5 or 6 Celine Dion, Joe Dassin, Françoise Hardy, Pavarotti and numerous recordings of classical concerts or operas. I picked up Aznavour and Hardy, and I left the rest of the CD for my other neighbors…
I, however, questioned myself at length if not with sadness, about the fate of the CDs. Why the owner had abandoned it for scrap? Was he dead? Had he changed his musical tastes! Was there lack ofspace? Had he moved? The boxes contained a full life of a person and his love of music.
I will never know because the next day the boxes were gone …
I too often abandon objects on the bench in the garage. Books that I read, magazines that I do not want to keep, decorative objects that I want no more. Is the tradition in large apartment buildings that we leave things near the elevator in the parking lot to benefit its neighbors.
But if there is a question to ask: Why did we originally purchased the product that we abandon? Why put so much effort to collect full sets of discs and abandon them the next morning?
Life is a passage like the seasons, nothing lasts. I guess that we must accept this reality and not worry about seeing all these material things abandoned, if not lower our own efforts to own and collect things.
A wise man once said: “We will not bring our possessions in paradise. Sometimes we do not even keep then for a full season …”
Have a nice autumn!
Bernard Bujold
PS Thanks to the neighbor who gave me his Monte Cristo cigars. He did not want them any more…
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