By Bernard Bujold – 
The US Presidential Election 2016 confirmed one more time that the traditional media are dying! 
The 2016 prediction by the media and their journalists about a victory by Hillary Clinton is the confirmation that if the media are saying one thing, you should do the other thing and you will have a sure bet… 
We knew since the last 10 years that the media were dying financially but now we also know that the profession of journalist is also dying. But there is a rebirth and it is the Internet and social media. However, those media are belonging to the people and not to a close group. 
Following the US Presidential election 2016, two conclusions are to be remembered: 
1. “We got a lot more election ahead of us” – Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 
2. To be a winner in today world, one need to be able to put his finger in the wind and to have the natural instinct of seeing what is going on. A life without instinct is worse than death! Donald Trump has a very deep natural instinct and Hillary, while is she is very well organized and structured, do not have any instinct. 
Have a nice Fall season 2016!


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