by Bernard Bujold – 
Personally my favorite candidate in the race for the American presidency is Donald Trump… Trump for me, it’s a virtual friend that I have known since the 1980s. I first discovered him in his father’s biography and then in his own books. 
 His political project in 2016 is not what makes me admire him and, in a sense, his political campaign amuses me a little but Donald’s presence and inspiration in my life story is for me what is for other the Beatles, Beethoven, Elvis Presley or the Dalai-Lama… 
Philosophy and the professional example of Donald Trump were behind my efforts and my confidence in soliciting and obtaining my work with Brian Mulroney in Ottawa in 1984; and later with Pierre Péladeau father in 1991. In both cases, I was motivated in my actions by the model in my mind of the success and life of this American Donald Trump. 
Will Donald win his bet for the US presidency? The race is on and we will know this summer in July and by 8 November at the general election. But whatever happens, I will continue to admire Donald Trump and he will always be present in my memory and in my success of life … 
Pictures: 1, 4, 5, 6 and 8: Donald Trump;
Picture 2: Donald Trum, Brian Mulroney and Pierre Péladeau;
Picture 3: Books by Donald Trump;
Picture 7: Bernard Bujold;


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