By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The electoral victory of Justin Trudeau was a foreseeable event because he applied all the right techniques to win an election. 
However, there is a total difference between winning an election and run a government. 
An election is an exercise of sale and the winner is the one who best manages to seduce. A government is a project manager who has to operate effectively the organization which he is responsible. 
It is wrong to believe that the voters always choose the best manager because in practice it is usually the emotions that influence their choice. 
Is Justin Trudeau will be a good manager? 
It remains to be seen but the thing is possible if he can recognize his new responsibility. For example, note that Brian Mulroney was a champion of electoral campaigns and he knew better than anyone seduce. Once elected (in 1984) he quickly realized, however, that the team of salesmen who had given him the victory could not effectively manage the country. So he changed his entourage and reached some effectiveness. 
Hopefully Justin Trudeau will take example on Brian Mulroney… 
Picture 1: Justin Trudeau;
Pictures 2 and 3: Brian and Mila Mulroney (Baie-Comeau, September 4, 1984);
Picture 4: Bernard Bujold (Ottawa (1984)


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