By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The big boss of the Canadian Olympic Committee Marcel Aubut is in the same kind of situation (behavior and sexual harassment) as Jian Ghomeshi with Radio Canada except that its board of directors does not support him contrary to the direction of Radio Canada which had long defended their star radio host. 
Marcel Aubut announced his resignation for the time of the inquiry.
Personally, I expected since 1997 this kind of scandal around Marcel Aubut because a Quebec artist had told me a personal story related to Marcel and similar to the new accusations, a story that I believed more or less … 
I would say that many of our leaders (over 50% at least …) are “reprehensible” either for illicit sex, money on expense accounts, commissions on service contracts, or simple theft of jeans … 
I’m not really in the circuit VIP anymore, but I still know at least a dozen cases of”reprehensible” specific to business leaders or organizations. These are well-kept secrets, and unspoken truths. 
The case of Lise Thibault, Lieutenant Governor, is the least worst profiteers that I know … 
The luck for many is that they die before the scandal broke and their story is forgotten for eternity, if not, for the other outlaws who are still alive, there is always the risk that the public discover the secret from one day to the other, especially with modern internet media! 
It is only a matter of time, or chance with death! 
In the case of Marcel Aubut, he is in bad luck because a second victim also accused him of sexual harassment and, according to some observers who know him personally, they claim that there would still be several others women who kept the secret until now… 
To be continued! 
Photos1 and 2: Marcel Aubut;
Photo 3: Marcel Aubut Lise Thibault, former Quebec Bâtonnière Lu Chan Khuong;
Photo 4: One of the victims accusing Marcel Aubut;
Photo 5: Jian Ghomeshi;
Photo 6: The forbidden fruit …


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