By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) –
It’s next Saturday August 15, 2015 that will be celebrated by the Mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, marriage between Julie Snyder and Pierre Karl Péladeau. It was also another mayor, Nicolas Sarkozy (Neuilly sur Seine), who had celebrated the first marriage of PKP. 
We note two important missing guest at Saturday’s party: Celine Dion, on the side of Julie and Brian Mulroney, on the side of PKP. Only one international star was announced, Michel Drucker. 
The temperature should be favorable to married with sunshine on the Old Quebec and 25 Celsius. 
Unfortunately, I will not be at the event, being held elsewhere…
Photo 1: Pierre Karl Peladeau and Julie;
Photo 2: Wedding Site Old Quebec;
Photo 3: Julie and Michel Drucker;
Photo 4: Julie and Céline Dion;
Photo 5: Brian Mulroney and Pierre Karl Péladeau;
Photo 6: Nicolas Sarkozy and Régis Labeaume;
Photo 7: Bernard Bujold playing golf;

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