By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
Developments in accusations of sexual crimes involving Bill Cosby are adding to the numerous sex scandals, economic and political time. As many observers say: “All our society tags disappear …” 
The acts by Bill Cosby, who called himself a strong supporter of family life and who had strongly criticized the lack of discipline of Black Americans and especially their sexual promiscuity, are particularly disappointing. In a sense, the acts of Cosby resemble those of Quebecers Marcel Brisebois, also a large symbol for our society and a member of the intellectual elite, who was recently arrested and charged with sexual assault of a minor when he headed a private college in Valleyfield. 
Each new unveiled crime is always more shocking and surprising than the last! 
One may wonder if worse is yet to come? 
To be continued…. 
Photos: Bill Cosby, Marcel Brisebois, Joël Legendre, Lu Chan Khuong, Arthur Porter, Gilles Vaillancourt, France Charbonneau;


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