Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
One could compare the buildings of the Canadian Parliament Hill castles Downtown Abbey. Full of small private rooms with nooks and crannies. One member has even been found half-naked in his underpants there several years in the corridors while playing with his secretary in his office. They had heard the noise and came out of the office to see if there was anyone but the door closed on them… 
Parliament is like a rustic hotel but a hundred times bigger! To access you need the employee identification card, which then becomes a sort of catch-all hotel key… 
Speaking of Downtown Abbey, the rape scene in season 4 is much like what is currently debated in various media about women remaining silent over the abuse they suffered. Anna the maid in Downtown Abbey was raped by a butler and the first thing she asked from the woman who found her was a promise to secrecy and especially to cover the event while there are tens of guests at the castle. We know of course later in the season 5, that the rapist will be judged according to the law of retaliation. The action in Downtown Abbey is around 1922. 
Here in Canada real life, the year 1929 was famous for the rape occurred in the office of the Canadian Parliament by MP Auger of a young girl Franco-Ontarian of 17 who had come to meet him to request a job. There was trial and the MP was sentenced to two years in prison… Photos 1 and 2: Canadian Parliament;
Photos 3 and 4: Downtown Abbey;


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