Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
Thomas Mulcair accused Justin Trudeau to have unveiled to the public the harassment situation and sent out the two Liberal members for unacceptable action with no respect for the two female NDP Members! Mulcair’s accusations could easily turn against him… 
Indeed, we learn that the NDP leader was well aware for some time of the alleged acts, but he preferred not to get involved out of respect for the victims… 
According to me, “Silence in front of the abuse is never the solution! Justin also speaks about it in his autobiography when he recalls the time he was a student and he was trying to fight against abuse. He tells how the institutions are shy in front of abuse.
In my book, either it is a Justin, a Thomas or another person; anyone who stand up and confront those who abuse is a hero is the one who is silent is a coward! ” 
Congratulations to Justin for his courage to speak!
Photo 1: Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair et Jian Ghomeshi ;
Photo 2: Entrance at Parlement ;


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