SPRING 2014 – Stories of horses, stables and bicycle …

Bernard Bujold ( LeStudio1.com ) – 
A Facebook friend and barn owner of GRISON (Theo Hug ) wrote last weekend that if it was not because of the presence of children, and if there were only adults attending his stable riding, he would have left the business for a long time… 
The Wall Street Journal of this morning on April 12 published an article on the same subject of daily life in a riding stable… 
As I have ( in another life … ) assiduously frequented the stables and horse people, I can confirm that both : the comment by Theo and the WSJ article, are both faithful portraits of reality… 
In my case, I quit horse riding for less demanding sport of cycling! 
Good spring 2014 to all… 
Photo 1 and 2 : Stables Blue Bonnets Montreal (2008);
Photo 3: The Stable Grison – Theo Hug 2014);
Photo 4: Pure Fix Bikes;
See story The Wall Street Journal riding stables
See website team GRISON -Theo Hug
See story Bike Pure Fix;


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