The end of demonstrations in Montreal…

by Bernard Bujold ( – 
I love attending demonstrations for the energy they give off. But only at the beginning and then I come quietly at home because it is too dangerous. It is impossible to face off fellows equipped with sticks and helmets. I’m athletic but never in front a lost a match and uneven in advance… 
I wanted to be present at the march of Friday, March 15, 2013 against police violence but it never started! Upon my arrival on site at 5 pm, I could assess the situation and I said to myself that the meeting would not last long seeing the police force and especially their plan of encirclement. 
It looked like a game of hunt where foxes are circled without exit. Their plan worked perfectly as on the 400 people wanting to manifest, three quarters were arrested in less than two hours and only one small window was broken… The police plan seemed to be, for the first time, very well organized strategically. It must be said, however, that 200 policemen against 400 demonstrators is easier to manage than if there had been 2,000 people. 
Conclusion: the era of demonstrations seems to be over in Montreal as one of my friends said: “Everything in life eventually pass …” Spring 2013 will have brought a new Pope, many new political leaders and end of the public protest. 
Happy Spring 2013! 
Photo 1,2 and 3: Demonstrators and police;
See photo album ;


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