Crazy Horse Paris, Montreal 2012 – A disappointing show … except the kiss!

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
I’ve always loved beautiful women and I accepted without hesitation the invitation to the show Crazy Horse Paris presented to Montreal (TNM) as part of Just for Laughs 2012. 
Conclusion: DECEPTION, DECEPTION, DECEPTION and kiss kiss! 
-First there is the music and songs that are prerecorded with several errors of the machines during the show. 
– Then there’s the staging that does not surprise us as we become quickly tired of the show. As proof, several spectators who do not return after the intermission as was the case with my neighbors at the show or even worse the many spectators yawning between the numbers… 
-Finally, the ticket price is expensive at $ 136.44 and we would expect for that price an extraordinary spectacle that raises our emotions. This is not the case, compared for example with shows like Cirque du Soleil or Lady Gaga. 
One personal consolation, I got a kiss kiss from one of the girls artists. A sort of Jessica Paré from Mad Men! I kept the kiss in memory… 
PS. The Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay seems much appreciate the Crazy Girl and he even put a photo of him and the girls on his Twitter… 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold (;
Photo 2: The girls of Creazy Horse Paris;
Photo 3: The Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay and girls of Crazy Horse Paris;
See website Crazy Horse
See site Facebook Crazy Horse 
See story Journal of Montreal ; 
Go to Twitter Mayor of Montreal ; 
See video Jessica Paré Mad Men ;


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