May 29, 2012

The grande dame of Montreal hotels, The Ritz, is back in town! It was to leave us for a year in 2008 but it has been absent for four years… The renovations cost more than $ 200 million. The selling point of the new direction: “If you rent a 5 star $ 250 a night it’s not a 5 star. The Ritz will rent his rooms from $ 425 a night minimum and it will be a TRUE 5 stars …” to declare the general manager. Photo 1: and 2: The Ritz in Montreal;
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The conflict of Quebec students and the government of Jean Charest: meeting of the last chance …

May 28, 2012

This is the last chance meeting on Monday, May 28 at 2 pm between the students and the government of Jean Charest! The economic situation following the conflict of Quebec students is very critical… 
Photo 1 and 2: Minister Michelle Courchesne, the three student leaders and journalist Anne-Marie Dussault;
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C2- MTL 2012 / Congress on creativity …

May 28, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( –
What impressed most at the conference C2-MTL presented in Montreal from May 22 to 25, 2012 was the number of prestigious sponsors. More than 40 major companies showed the title sponsor of the event. Then there was the price of the conference between $ 2.800 and $ 1.500$. Finally, there was of course the name of Frank Coppola on the list of speakers … 
The event brought together about 1000 participants and the theme was “creativity”. 
Personally, I enjoyed the scenery and the robot spider but I have not been impressed by the lectures and I have not learned how to be more creative. The event reminded me of the first conference of Bill Clinton presented in Montreal a few years ago when it was the fury of the time in Montreal. In 2012, the fury of the time it is the student protests… Moreover, some visitors to the C2-MTL promised to attend as an observer at the students protests to see a little bit the feeling of the demonstration. 
It should be noted that Quebec will host in the coming weeks many major events including the most prestigious F1 Grand Prix and the Global Forum on the French language in Quebec from July 2 to 6. C2-MTL has been a sort of introduction, opening cocktail kind. 
Stay tuned. 
Photo 1: Building the conference;
Photo 2: Bernard Bujold (
Photo 3: Robot spider;
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Jean Charest prepares to depart political life …

May 25, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
My prediction as of May 24, 2012 is as follows: “Jean Charest will announce its final withdrawal from political life by the next day and the Liberal Party will hold a leadership convention to late summer and elections will be held probably in spring 2013 or to end in December 2012. 
The bets are open! 
Proof that there is a movement towards the exit for Jean Charest: the former right-hand Monique Jerôme Forget said that the Prime Minister should had to talk to students. This statement is another sign that the Liberal Party is in a change mode. The question: Who will be the next leader? 

Minister of Finance (2007-2009), President of the Treasury Board (2003-2008) under the Liberal government of Jean Charest. 
 “Frankly, I have no solution except to start over. Humility has its virtues, sometimes you have to retreat, but the government does not recede completely. Three beautiful young people who represent the students are very talented, but they do not have to be a trade negotiator and they are now learning. If I were the Prime Minister, I would call the three young, he should meet them. Why does not he? I do not know. The government is currently caught in this crisis, I know they are there and there’s nothing else on the agenda. I’m like everyone else, very shaken, because our youth, we can not beat them, it is our future, our wealth, we love, we want them to succeed. Is that only an election could fix it? I do not know. I was approached for mediation, I look both speakable and on the government side. It should have been settled there two months ago. Throwing stuff away gets dirty. ” 
Photo 1: Michelle Dion and Jean Charest ;
Photo 2: Monique Jerôme Forget;
Photo 3: Jean Charest ;
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The solution to the conflict of Quebec students: a fishing trip or a call to the superhero Batman …

May 24, 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
There is a way of resolving all disputes on the earth when willing to apply it! Just go fishing to reconnect with nature and especially our true nature to everyone. 
The solution to the crisis of Quebec students could therefore reside in a weekend of fishing between Jean Charest, all his ministers, student leaders and maybe even some policemen. According to me the group would come back united as ever and a new friendship would have taken place. If not, well we should resolve then to appeal to the superhero Batman… 
The girl who fishes on the photo above represent the calm in the city but the same city also contains the fire and destruction. The spirit of violence is present in the heart of the city of Montreal as well as the spirit of beauty. There is in the same spirit in all the cities: good and evil, yin and yang, beauty and ugliness, health and disease. Life is one of the two sides which takes over and becomes reality. Darkness or light. A bit like in the movies of Batman…
Photo 1: Fisherman before the city of Montreal;
Photo 2: Batman;
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Leo Bureau-Blouin and the Manifestation of May 22, 2012 …

May 24, 2012

Leo Bureau-Blouin is a very popular student leader and is adored by the crowd … 
You should have seen him being cheered by the marchers of May 22, 2012 on Festival Plaza in front of Montreal’s theater district to see the success of Leo. When he greets people who come to talk to him, he smile tireless and he looks like a head of state. You can almost believe he is a young government minister. Over 200,000 people gathered to protest in the streets against the government of Jean Charest. 
Bernard Bujold ( was there and photographed the event.
Photo 1: Leo Bureau-Blouin;
Photo 2: Protesters May 22, 2012;
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Julian Assange and his future

May 24, 2012

While Julian Assange launched yesterday its social network, we learn that the British court ruling on his extradition shall be made on May 30th. Stay tuned!
Photo 1: Julian Assange,
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