Anonymous – Urban Legend

Anonymous movement is among us… In fact, the myth only because in reality this movement is rather part of the urban legend and his power is very virtual. 
The documents released so far have nothing on the scale and seriousness of those disclosed by Wikileak as external sources were what made the movement very powerful and dangerous. Anonymous is reminiscent of the Black Block. It is a philosophy more than a real organization. The greatest danger of Anonymous is the real possibility in their group to paralyze some websites but their power comes from the low-power servers of their targets. Moreover, Anonymous warn their fans that their technology will not work on large sites like Google and Facebook… 
Regarding the F1 Grand Prix of Canada, this is not the site of the event which was penetrated, but the one of a small external reseller. Several site managers of companies or governments will not invest to make their site safe and sound. Just remember the humiliating failure of the Government of France whose tourist had fallen the day of its launch in July 2010 because the servers were far too weak for public use. 
CONCLUSION: Caution and prevention is always appreciated and we must, above all, securely lock our doors at night before going to bed because otherwise the bad Anonymous wolves are watching you.
Photo 1: Mask Anonymous;
Photo 2. Jean Charest video Sagard;
Photo 3: List of 130 guests at the Grand Prix F1;
See story on Anonymous (CBC) ; 
See failure of French Tourism website ;


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