Jean Charest would trigger elections on Friday June 1st for a vote next Monday, July 9, 2012…

The possibility of a general Quebec Election call this Friday 1st June for a July 9 vote is more and more accurate. First the source of the rumor: there are two political columnists very close to the Liberals who circulate the information: Lisa Frulla Hebert and Jean Lapierre. Then, Jean Charest will meet with his deputies to dinner Wednesday night in Quebec City for a special meeting. Third, the police arrested the two negotiators of CLASSE when they left the negotiations building yesterday and police also refused to heed the call of Leo Bureau Blouin not to arrest other peaceful demonstrators on the spot. A sign that many describe as provocation by the government who would not intend to enter into an agreement. Jean Charest attended the negotiations for about thirty minutes Monday afternoon. To be continued from today at 1pm (Tuesday, May 29, 2012).
Photo 1: Jean Charest ;
Photo 2: Student Leaders ;
Photo 3: National Assembly of Quebec ;
See report of the meeting 
See report rumors of elections ;


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