The journalist André Pratte (La Presse) is criticized by readers …

If there is a danger of boarding a sinking ship, that is sinking with it… 
For some reason, André Pratte of La Presse tirelessly supported Jean Charest as an editor. Personally I do not mind because I jumped over his articles but for other readers, this is a valid reason to stop reading La Presse. Patrick Lagacé has tried to explain in his column that there are many other journalists to read in his daily, beyond Pratte, however many readers are very critical in the majority of 165 comments. In addition to demand the resignation of Jean Charest, readers of La Presse are now demanding the resignation of Andre Pratte! 
Stay tuned!
Photo 1: André Pratte;
See Patrick Lagacé column ; 
See Letter Christian Bégin ; 
See biography André Pratte ;


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