Leo Bureau-Blouin and the Manifestation of May 22, 2012 …

Leo Bureau-Blouin is a very popular student leader and is adored by the crowd … 
You should have seen him being cheered by the marchers of May 22, 2012 on Festival Plaza in front of Montreal’s theater district to see the success of Leo. When he greets people who come to talk to him, he smile tireless and he looks like a head of state. You can almost believe he is a young government minister. Over 200,000 people gathered to protest in the streets against the government of Jean Charest. 
Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) was there and photographed the event.
Photo 1: Leo Bureau-Blouin;
Photo 2: Protesters May 22, 2012;
See photo report LeStudio1.com ; 
See Video LeStudio1.com event ;


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