Spring cleaning in politics from Frank Zampino to Jean Charest

The former number two of the administration of the City of Montreal Frank Zampino was arrested this morning Thursday May 17,  (6:00 am) by the squad embezzlement. 
The provincial Liberal government has reason to worry because the Charbonneau investigation on Quebec construction could have the same consequences as the Gomery inquiry at the federal level. For the Quebec Liberal Party, the situation is sensitive because their majority is 63 against 59 and three seats are vacant. Elections are required to be held before September 8, 2013. Zampino’s arrest could be the beginning of the collapse of political power in Quebec as was the sponsorship scandal in Ottawa. The squad “Hammer” is the precursor of the Commission Charbonneau.
Students would be well advised to form a party and it could become the official opposition, perhaps even be the government as the ADQ had almost been in 2007 with 41 members of the ADQ and leader Mario Dumont. A scenario repeated in 2011 by Jack Layton at the federal level. The leader of the students could be Leo Bureau-Blouin. Stay tuned! 
Photo 1: Gérald Tremblay (Montreal mayor) and Frank Zampino;
Photo 2: Jean Charest and Michelle Courchesne;
Photo 3: Leo Bureau-Blouin and Martine Desjardins;
Photo 4: National Assembly of Quebec;
See story La Presse on Zampino ; 
View site National Assembly 
View historical of the investigations ;


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