Jean Charest and Quebec students …

By Bernard Bujold (
Jean Charest does not give signs of a great negotiator, especially when just after signing a draft agreement, he states that students will have to “find” the benefits promised in the contract… A little more and he would have said that he have sold the student a Christmas tree in the month of June! At least he should have shut up and quietly enjoy the Christmas tree! 
The contract with the students reminded me of my past personal negotiations with a literary editor, who later went bankrupt. We had to redo the signature of the author’s contract by three times. The first time because he had entered a different name than mine on the header paper, the second time he had forgotten about my financial advance; and the third time he had put a name other than the publisher in middle of the text. It was not until the time of its bankruptcy that I realized that its strategy was to hand me a document that would have no value legal in cases of conflict. He had failed with me but was  successful with many other authors before and after me. The student conflict is not resolved but Quebecers and students will have to wait for the next provincial election to address it. A contract for the return to school has been signed and summer is upon us. Good summer vacation… 
Photo 1: Jean Charest;
Photo 2: Page of the contract agreement ;
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See analysis of contract ; 
See union involvement 
Reaction from students ;


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