Mark Zuckerberg will launch FACEBOOK on the stock exchange …

Mark Zuckerberg will formally enter the stock market with FACEBOOK. The company wants to raise about $ 5 billion and the entire company is valued at approximately $ 100 billion …
One could compare the project of Mark Zuckerberg to a kite that flew. Nothing is easy in this area and we need favorable winds. The proof is MySpace (2003) which Rupert Murdoch bought for $ 580 million in 2005 but that he had to depart as scrap for less than $ 35 million in June 2011… had also been launched in 2005 almost at the same time as Facebook (2004), but as in the case of MySpace, the kite did not take the flight …

Photo 1 and 2: Mark Zuckerberg ;
See story The Wall Street Journal ;
See story The New York Times ;

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